The concept behind RFQ24

Like any good company, ours started with a brilliant idea. RFQ24 is our answer to the constantly increasing demand for reliable partners and clear, open communication in the digital sphere. Our roots are in design/engineering and production of composite and metal parts. That’s why we know exactly what we’re doing.


Our driving force

RFQ24 creates a turntable between all areas of product realization and production. We bring together inquiries and offers, whether for prototypes, small series, or large series. For brand new or well-established products. We support you from the original idea through design/engineering right up to delivery.


What we do for you

We make purchasing easier for you and help you realize your product. Too many ideas fail due to the challenges of their implementation. Instead of losing faith, take advantage of our all-round service that supports you through all phases of composite or metal product manufacturing.


Who we are

We are lateral thinkers and engineers, pragmatists and creatives. We focus on what’s important and strive for precision and quality. Our team is characterized by a dynamic mix of efficiency, attention to detail, and team spirit. Contact us for your complete product realization. We’re already looking forward to hearing from you!


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