From prototype to series production


Purchasing has never been easier

Dealing with just one contact throughout the entire project realization process makes life much easier for your purchasing team. You give us your request, we find a suitable offer, and pass it on to you. Then we take care of ordering and order processing.

Product manufacturing outsourced

You can focus on your business while we look after product manufacturing. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time.


Your all-in-one partner

We are a partner for all phases of product realization. If that’s what you’re looking for, look no further. We take care of supplier management and assume full responsibility.



Whether you want a prototype, one-off component, or series production, as a tier-1 supplier we act as your extended workbench. We take care of everything that makes purchasing and product manufacturing easier for you. Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Production-ready component design
  • Toolmaking
  • Production
  • Assembly work
  • Surface finishing
  • Assembly of all components
  • Goods storage

Series production: We provide a framework contract that guarantees perfect goods supply from our internal warehouse. We draw on a large network of high-caliber suppliers so that we can meet every requirement.


Product manufacturing with composites


Composites are fiber-reinforced plastics. Their exceptional properties make them superior to other materials in many applications. Especially in lightweight construction, composites are unbeatable.

  • A visually attractive or functionally stable component starts with development and calculations, followed by the finished 3D model.
  • The next step toward the finished component is toolmaking. There are various ways of meeting your requirements here, either with a prototype tool or a high-quality series tool.
  • The best procedure, whether RTM, infusion, autoclave, or pressing, depends on the required size, quantity, and quality of the component.
  • Based on the component requirements and the calculations, specific materials can be used for optimization. For example, you may want increased rigidity, improved splintering behavior, optimized thermal conductivity, or better damping.
  • At your request, we can also arrange surface finishing (painting).






From idea to finished component. Every project starts with a vision. The first step to realizing this vision is a sketch on paper.

  • Engineering at its Core: Engineering is crucial in producing a composite component. This is where decisions are made about how efficiently and economically the part can be manufactured in series production. This includes the creation of a playbook, which defines the layer structure, the resins, fibers or other reinforcement materials to be processed.
  • Comprehensive Support: We accompany you throughout the entire process - from design and calculations to simulations and production-ready construction. Our team is at your side with advice and action.
  • More than Just Metal: While many composite components are developed based on metal parts, there are numerous possibilities when it comes to the design of composite components. Don't be constrained by traditional thinking - think outside the box!
  • Benefits of Composite: Composite materials offer unique advantages in terms of weight, strength, and adaptability. We leverage these advantages to develop innovative and efficient solutions for your projects.
  • Sustainability and Environment: Through the use of composite materials, we not only produce high-performance components but also contribute to reducing the ecological footprint.






Composite parts are usually produced using a tool or a negative mold. There are several ways in which mold-making can be designed. We have the needed expertise to design the mold-making process economically, efficiently, and sustainably.

  • Types of Tools and Materials: Depending on the requirements for the composite part, the tool can be made of various materials such as aluminum, steel, toolblock, or even silicone. There is a distinction between hard and soft tools, where the choice largely depends on the planned production quantity and the desired quality.
  • Design and Development: The tool's design is significantly influenced by the geometry of the component. Computer-aided design software (CAD) and simulation tools help conceive the optimal mold design and identify potential problems in advance.
  • Temperature Regulation: For many composite manufacturing processes, temperature control within the tool is crucial for product quality. Therefore, tools with integrated cooling or heating channels are often used.
  • Surface Treatment: To ensure optimal demolding of the component and achieve the desired surface finish, tools are often specially coated or treated.
  • Durability and Maintenance: A well-designed and constructed tool can last several hundred cycles. Regular inspections and maintenance are, however, essential to ensure consistent product quality.
  • Adaptability: If there are changes to the design or requirements of the component, many tools can be modified or adjusted to continue production without significant interruptions.
  • Use of Modern Technologies: Technologies like 3D printing, prototype tools, or specific mold inserts can be quickly and relatively cost-effectively produced.
  • Economic Efficiency: By carefully selecting materials and techniques for tool making, not only the quality but also the profitability of production can be increased. A well-thought-out mold design reduces waste, saves resources, and minimizes energy consumption.






A component often has a functional or decorative role within the overall complex. The product realization is carried out regardless of the size, weight, or geometry of the component. Our suppliers possess the necessary manufacturing capabilities to realize your product.

  • Properties of Composite Materials: Composite components consist of two or more materials combined to achieve characteristics that each individual material couldn't offer on its own. This results in higher strength, reduced weight, and other custom-tailored properties, depending on the project's requirements.
  • Material Preparation: Before starting production, there is a need for meticulous selection and preparation of the raw materials. This includes choosing specific resins such as epoxy or polyester resins, fibers like carbon fiber, fiberglass, or aramid fiber, and other reinforcing materials. Additionally, we can accommodate unique requirements like EMC shielding and the like. Carbon fiber is undetectable in X-ray images, making it ideal for medical technology applications.
  • Production: Composite parts are typically produced using machine tools or using a negative mold.
  • Machining: After curing, the components can be further processed, such as milling, drilling, or cutting, to achieve the desired final shape.
  • Quality Control: Comprehensive quality control is essential to ensure that the components meet the specifications and standards. This can involve visual inspection, non-destructive examinations, or mechanical testing.
  • Surface Finishing: Depending on your requirements, the component's surface can be refined. This can be achieved through painting, polishing, or coating, enhancing its appearance and providing additional environmental protection.






An assembly is a composition of multiple components. We offer you a wide range of different component connections and handle the entire assembly process for you.

  • Integrated Systems: We are capable of producing comprehensive assemblies that include both mechanical and electronic components. We are happy to organize additional components and attachments, regardless of type and material. For example, 3D printed parts, turned and milled parts, electric drives, etc. Of course, the components you provide can also be integrated, assembled, and secured – whether by screwing, gluing, or other methods.
  • Optimized Logistics: Manufacturing complete assemblies with us allows for optimizing procurement, assembly, and delivery processes, ensuring you get everything from one source. If desired, we can produce and deliver fully packaged.
  • Cost Efficiency for Entire Projects: By consolidating processes and avoiding multiple suppliers, overall costs and complexity can be reduced.
  • Compatibility Check: We ensure that all parts of the assembly harmonize with one another to avoid possible compatibility issues.
  • Functionality Tests: Our assemblies are tested for their full functionality before delivery to ensure they meet the requirements.
  • Configuration Management: Depending on the requirements, we can provide assemblies in different variants and configurations.
  • Consideration of the Final Product: In designing and assembling the entire assembly, we always take into account the final product into which the group will be integrated to ensure optimal fit and functionality.
  • After-Sales Service: Even after delivering the assemblies, we offer support and maintenance services to ensure longevity and performance.




Prototype and series production


From component manufacturing and surface treatments to fully assembled modules, and all of that leveraged to series production. Full service from 0 to 100%. This means from the initial idea to delivery – tailored to your project and vision. From prototypes to small and medium batches, all the way to large-scale series.

  • Prototype Construction: Our expertise extends from prototype production to developing production-ready components. This allows you to validate function and design early on and identify optimization potentials.
  • Scalable Production: From the initial sampling to series production. Whether in small quantities for prototype construction or large series – we adapt our production capacities to your needs.
  • Comprehensive Service: Delivery of individual parts to the goods warehouse based on a framework agreement.
  • Cost Transparency: From the prototype phase to series production, we offer clear pricing structures and cost transparency to ensure you always have a clear financial overview.


FROM 0 TO 100%


Goods storage


Produce on stock, respond quickly to inquiries:

  • Production can be designed so that products are always available, enabling short delivery times.
  • Quick response time in case of sudden demand spikes.

External warehouse with us on-site:

  • Expand your storage space with professional handling.
  • Everything from storage to shipping under one roof.

Inventory and status available at any time:

  • With a quick inquiry, the current inventory can be easily checked.
  • Updated data facilitates informed business decisions.